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About Us

Dads and Moms of Michigan is a nonprofit dedicated to bettering the lives of Children in Bi-Nuclear Families. We provide education and services that assist Co-Parents as they increase their Bi-Nuclear Parenting capacity.

We support Michigan Co-Parents as they establish and maintain equal parenting responsibilities and accountabilities after a divorce or similar domestic relations action. We help with Michigan Child Support, Parenting Time, Custody and High Conflict Bi-Nuclear relationships.

It is our hope that by providing these programs and services we will in turn be helping parents create a "Conflict Free Zone" for their children.

Our Mission

Dads and Moms of Michigan advocates for children by reducing the conflict in Bi-Nuclear families through Education, Services and Advocacy.

Our Vision

A strong society where all children are benifiting from the love and affection of both their fit parents.

Kids Need Both Parents!
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