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Thru its association with Support Studies, Dads and Moms of Michigan is able to provide an online Michigan Child Support Calculator for free!

DMM also provides a detailed explanation of how the Michigan Child Support Formula is applied to a specific case for $10.00. Click here for more info.

No Co-Parenting issue is more contentious than Child Support.

Child Support payees and Child Support payers have split into opposing camps and each camp feels victimized by the current Michigan Child Support System.

By helping Co-Parents understand how Child Support is calculated DMM and Support Studies hope to reduce parental conflict in many Michigan Bi-Nuclear Families.

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Do you want to know more than the Child Support Payment Amount?

Do you have questions regarding how your Child Support is being calculated?
  • What percentage of the combined net income is allocated to the Base Support Amount?

  • What is the Parenting Time Offset?

  • How does the parents actual overnights with the children affect the Parenting Time Offset?

  • How is the Base Support Payment calculated?

  • What is each parents Childrearing Responsibility?

  • How is the payment adjusted for Ordinary Medical expenses?

  • How is the payment adjusted for Childcare expenses?

  • How is the payment adjusted for Child Medical Insuranace premiums?

Click Here and get your Child Support Analysis Report and you will have the answers to all of these questions and more for $10.00!

In addition, you can get your own Child Support Analyzer from Support Studies for $100.00 per year. Click Here to view a demonstration.

Get Your Support Studies Michigan
Child Support Analyzer

$100 Per Year!

The Support Studies Child Support Analyzer Explains:

  • The Bottom Line Payment
  • The Childrearing Responsibility
  • The Base Support Amount
  • The Parenting Time Offset
  • The Base Support Amount Credit
  • The Base Support Payment
  • The Ordinary Medical Payment
  • The Childcare Payment
  • The Child Related Medical Insuarance Payment
Click Here to view a demo.

Here is a clip from our April 13th Understanding Parental Alienation webinar with Dr. Dahlia Berkovitz.

Here is a clip from our April 27th Responding To Parental Alienation webinar with Dr. Dahlia Berkovitz.

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