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Supervised Parenting Time Programs

Our In-House Supervised Parenting Time Program offers families a uniquely comfortable, reassuring, and homelike atmosphere in which a safe, structured, neutral alternative to unsupervised parenting.

Our Off-Site Supervised Parenting Time Program allows the parent and child to enjoy activities such as dining out, movies, shopping, sports, zoo and museums.

Supervised Parenting Time is the provision and maintenance of a safe, neutral setting in which the contact between a child(ren) and an adult (usually a parent) can be monitored by personnel able to protect the rights of the child(ren).

In Therapeutic/Reunification Supervised Parenting Time, a trained therapist is involved in the session/time together. The therapist helps the parent and the child to reintegrate by assisting the parent as they address their relationship issues.

The therapist is continually assessing for strengths and weaknesses, and ways to build a better, more healthy relationship between the child(ren) and the parent.

The therapist makes therapeutic interventions as needed, schedules individual sessions with the parties and communicates to all involved parties when appropriate to strive to meet therapeutic goals.

The parent works to develop improved parenting skills and understanding of child development and needs.

The therapist encourages a healthy relationship between parent and child.

Only licensed counselors provide therapeutic services.


  • Intake - $50.00 Each Participant

  • Supervised Parenting Time - $30.00 Per Hour

  • Supervised Exchange - $20.00

  • Therapeutic Supervised Parenting Time - $80.00 Per Hour

Shared Parenting Center
6443 Inkster Road #290
Bloomfield Township, Mi. 48301

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