"Practical Parallel Parenting"
When Co-Parenting Seems Impossible

Saturday January 21st, 2017 9 AM - 4 PM

$375 Per Parent

Facilitator: R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW

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Parents in high-conflict divorces are caught in a bind. They cannot work together and they cannot not work together. R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW, speaker, educator, and author or Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce, Strategies for Moms and Dads, offers a groundbreaking program to help parents in high-conflict divorces manage their conflicts. Practical Parallel Parenting is a one-day seminar in which parents learn to recognize the underlying causes of divorce conflict, patterns of behavior, and strategies for containment. Learning objectives for this remarkable program include:
  •   Pitfalls of the family court system.
  •   The true nature of the conflict.
  •   Disengaging: establishing & maintaining boundaries.
  •   Parallel Parenting.
Parallel Parenting enables parents to create their own family culture and relationships with their children without interference from a disruptive ex-partner. Practical Parallel Parenting workshops help parents share parenting by eliminating opportunities for conflict.

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