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Shared Parenting Resources and Services

We provide a hub of Shared Parenting Resources and Services to asisst parents as they create and maintain a "Conflict Free Zone" for their children.

It is our mission to enhance the lives of children who do not live with both parents by reducing the conflict in Bi-Nuclear families through Education, Services and Advocacy.

It is our hope that by providing these Shared Parenting Resources and Services to parents we will in turn be reducing parental conflict in many Michigan Bi-Nuclear families.

Kids Need Both Parents!

Parallel Parenting enables parents to create their own family culture and relationships with their children without interference from a disruptive ex-partner. Our Practical Parallel Parenting workshops help parents share parenting by eliminating opportunities for conflict.

No Bi Nuclear parenting issue is more contentious than Child Support.

We provide Child Support Resources and Services to help parents understand the mysteries behind Michigan Child Support and thereby reducing parental conflict in their Bi-Nuclear families.

Free Child Support Calculator!

Child Support Analysis - $10!

Understading the "secret language" and practices of the family court in addition to learning how to adjust to the your new Bi-Nuclear Parenting environment are key to providing a "Conflict Free Zone" to your children. It is for this reason that we provide educational videos of our past webinars as part of our Michigan Shared Parenting On-line Library to our Silver Members.

In addition, Dads and Moms of Michigan Silver Members receive a copy of "Take Control Of Your Divorce". The authors intent for this book is to help you save your children and yourself from the ravages of anger, hostility, and conflict. They give you specific strategies you can use to resolve, overlook, or put aside the conflicts with your Co-Parent and get to the crucial task of being good parents.

Our Supervised Parenting Time & Exchange Program offers families a uniquely comfortable, reassuring, and homelike atmosphere in which a safe, structured, neutral alternative to unsupervised parenting time can be provided.

Shared Parenting Center
6443 Inkster Road #290
Bloomfield Township, Mi. 48301

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